Mary Williams

Bikram Yoga Instructor
Mary Williams

Mary is a certified Bikram yoga Instructor who has been passionate about movement and music her whole life.

Her Bikram yoga journey began in 2010 initially being drawn by the sense of escape and stress relieving benefits and very quickly grew to love the mind body spirit connection Bikram yoga provides.

Mary graduated as a certified Bikram yoga teacher in LA 2012 beginning her teaching career in Miami followed by Dublin before travelling all over Europe. She has enjoyed watching students of all ages light up from the practice of Bikram yoga ever since.

Her mission as a teacher is to help others see that mindfulness can take many forms and may be achieved through a variety of ways such as Bikram yoga, music, meditation, healthy living and by being present in everything you do.

When her knee is unlocked Mary teaches music, plays violin in an orchestra, lies forever under the sun in summer and snowboards in winter.

Mary lives by wanderlust having travelled much of the planet and aspires to continue globe trotting while teaching the world to inspire their inner child through movement and music.